We are, but just one people

Years of political persecution, frustration and betrayal make a Matabeleland united and collaborative approach to problem-solving a greater necessity now more than ever before. Our marginalisation within the Zimbabwean system and its supporting institutions have inflicted damaging self-doubt, self-hate, fear and confusion which have plunged the diverse Matabeleland nation into a network of self-destruction andContinue reading “We are, but just one people”

It’s public’s time to move the Mthwakazi cause

Resisting bad laws is public responsibility, and it is the highest form of patriotism. You know it’s the public’s time to serve itself when the system and supporting institutions are habitually acting from a place of deep ignorance; when the gap between public minimum expectations and institutional performance widens, typically with delivery dropping way belowContinue reading “It’s public’s time to move the Mthwakazi cause”

Non-partisan democracy option for Mthwakazi

Corruption scandals and lack of political accountability since 1980 when Zimbabwe gained independence put to rest what has become a truism – the notion that political parties are an effective instrument and vehicle of participation in a democracy. Such a notion does not reflect Matabeleland’s reality, in Zimbabwe party politics has become the enemy ofContinue reading “Non-partisan democracy option for Mthwakazi”

Working towards an effective welfare system

The recklessness that epitomises Zimbabwean government today will take generations to undo. We have an impulsive society that lives only for today, leaders who plunder resources for personal and today’s pleasures with no regard for broader society and leaving precious little or no savings for the future generations. Matabeleland needs to break free of thisContinue reading “Working towards an effective welfare system”

Why election boycott is a weak tool

Questioning the credibility of the election institutions in Zimbabwe has become part and parcel of the election process. The electoral process is seriously flawed and no one has shown serious intention to fix the situation which is no wonder some Matabeleland movements are now convinced boycotting elections is our strongest tool.

Social protection in Mthwakazi

Until the last Mthwakazi citizen has access to clean water, decent accommodation, clothes, literacy, affordable healthcare, sufficient and ongoing steady state support to protect them from hunger, malnutrition and poverty, we cannot consider ourselves a just society, let alone free. There is a growing sense in Mthwakazi that the ZANU PF led government has notContinue reading “Social protection in Mthwakazi”

Partisanship diminishes the Matabeleland movement

Fanatics at the core of the Matabeleland (Mthwakazi) politics are becoming burdensome and detrimental to the social and political capital growth of the Matabeleland movement. Different groups that collectively form the Matabeleland movement political space have grown exceptionally polarised, a scenario that generates a rapid race to becoming a dysfunctional movement.  

Identity is an important factor in building Matabeleland

To recreate communities and heal Matabeleland society, all citizens must be given a sense of belonging. Three things will form the bedrock of Matabeleland (Mthwakazi) society — multi-nationality, freedom of expression and rule of law. It must be appreciated by all who call Matabeleland home that if any one of these things is lost, youContinue reading “Identity is an important factor in building Matabeleland”