Character will move Matabeleland

Character has got us to the position where we are confidently challenging the fabrication of Zimbabwe’s political reality and into questioning Matabeleland’s position within the modern-day Zimbabwe state; commitment has moved us into action and without an ounce of doubt, discipline will allow us to follow through our dreams of a diverse, just, strong and resourceful Matabeleland. Continue reading

Solid foundation vital for Matabeleland political change

We have learned from the best in the business; shambolic politics and nonchalance is a race to the bottom; Zimbabwe has just but fallen off its wheels; the country is right at the foot of every socioeconomic indicator; ZANU PF attempts at building one nation by crushing minority ethnic groups has successfully widened socio-political cracks, widened the gap between the elite and the poor and successfully rid society of the middle class. Continue reading

Colonialism, Gukurahundi and a Mthwakazi state

The agenda for Mthwakazi self-determination is gathering pace though most of the work is still being conducted and pursued on online social networks. The cyber world location and action is comprehensible from the contextual understanding that advocating for a nationalism of the oppressed remains a good way of getting one killed (e.g. Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, Ken Saro-Wiwa, and Khalil Ibrahim among others).

Continue reading

Matabeleland justice must not be compromised

This article seeks not to promote an independent state of Matabeleland neither does it seek to undermine nor discredit the wishes of those whose preference is an independent Mthwakazi state. My interests lie in the justice for the people of Matabeleland and the region itself. Anyone denying the underdevelopment of Matabeleland and the marginalisation of the people of Matabeleland, especially the Ndebele speaking people since 1980 will be disingenuous. Equally, any individuals or organisations in and from Matabeleland thinking that verbal and physical abuse of Shona speaking people will bring about justice to the people of Matabeleland are delusional at best. Continue reading