It is never too late to change, we have finally come to the realisation that inaction and indifference are taking us to the nearest political dumping site; political change and progress in Mthwakazi will not happen through us sitting and thinking about it but through action. Continue reading



The main feature and constant reality of Zimbabwean independence has been its objective absence in Mthwakazi and Mthwakazi’s socio-political space being systematically altered. Shonawashing is the term I will use to call the deliberate and sustained socio-political practice of replacing Mthwakazi people, norms and values with Shona alternatives. Continue reading


A new political script for this generation and the next must be adopted now. We say enough is enough; we reject all but essential activity with Zimbabwe orientated organisations! We turn our backs on Zimbabwean politics, this is time we dictated terms in our political space. Now we break down the chains of slavery; we break down all barriers to peace; we cut all ties with the oppressor and oppression. Continue reading

Mthwakazi not playing host to tribalism

Peace will continue to elude Mthwakazi until we effectively deny space for the Zimbabwean systems and institutions based on tribalism to thrive. And the only sure way of stopping tribalism in our communities is stopping making excuses for all forms of discrimination anywhere within our social, economic and political space. Continue reading

Inner strength and willpower will drive Mthwakazi forward

The importance of law in society is unquestionable hence Mthwakazi has continued to abide by laws within the unified Zimbabwe state. However, let it be known that we are not obligated to respect unjust laws that condemn us to suffering and laws to which our consent is not sort. Continue reading

Only a positive campaign befits Matabeleland polity

The Mthwakazi movement needs to adopt a transformational leadership stance that will inspire our people to be what they could be. We want to put to bed a pessimist political face in the region; thus, fighting negativity within our space must be the purpose for our political engagement. Continue reading