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Mthwakazi – change the system not just target the tribal imbalance

Democracy, Home, Mthwakazi Politics, Patriotism 19 Nov 2018

If, as Mthwakazi, we want to accomplish great things we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe. Top of the list we want an end to an unjust system that has politically propelled Mashonaland dominance over Mthwakazi and the establishment of a fair system that includes Mthwakazi socio-political norms and values. This fundamental demand motivates people to take a stand against tribal, corrupt, abusive and autocratic governance. Our people want a rules-based system and institutions.

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Strategic planning is essential to Matabeleland political growth

Home, Nonviolent resistance, Patriotism 15 Nov 2018

Zimbabwe’s disastrous tribal supremacy politics has quite literally shattered Matabeleland’s political grasp while the subsequent cynicism and pessimism have destroyed Matabeles’ confidence in politics, damaged people’s participation and undermined institutions of all kind. We thus stand demoralised, defeated and marginalised within what should be independence in Zimbabwe.

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Mthwakazi – let’s love ourselves first

Home, Mthwakazi Politics, Patriotism 24 Jun 2018

We have repeatedly warned that Mthwakazi cannot continue to surrender the protection of its norms, values and interests to other communities if we are to attain true liberty. We owe it to ourselves to deconstruct the unhelpful myths that seek to buttress the notion of our inferiority that has been propagated by the Shona ethnic leadership and maintained through systems and institutions whose objective has been to manage, and not empower, us throughout Zimbabwe’s independence. Read More

Divisive politics shall never be the anchor to hold Mthwakazi

Ethnicity, Home, Human Rights, Mthwakazi Politics, Patriotism, Tribal Discrimination 6 May 2018

For the integrity of our political system we must preserve the autonomy of the law. Experience has taught us that when the law falls silent under the armpits of politics, and where politics effectuates its solutions at the expense of the rule of law, the first casualty is human rights. The protection of human rights must be the core of the politics we do because human rights are the very soul of the Mthwakazi nationhood. We have the responsibility to challenge unfair sociopolitical systems that inadvertently or deliberately create a political and moral crisis within society. Read More

Mthwakazi patriotism essential

AmaHole, Home, Patriotism 9 Jan 2017

Reality check of 36 years of Zimbabwean independence indicates a gross systematic loss of political control by Mthwakazi. With every year of ‘independence’ we are being pushed further away from decisions impacting our lives. We can change this steep path to oblivion, but a steely and collective resolve is required to restore ourselves. Read More

Ndebeles must discard the offensive term ‘AmaHole’

AmaHole, Ethnicity, Home, Patriotism 4 Sep 2012

There is realisation among many Mthwakazi nationals that a socio-political change is desirable. There is however, a lack of realisation of the importance of demonstrable inter-ethnic unity in achieving that change – a dangerous oversight, I would say. It is a socio-political travesty that we are still debating whether or not the noun iHole (plural: amaHole) is outright offensive.

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