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Matabeleland Political Transformation

In 1980, the Matabeleland generation before ours put aside our traditional geopolitical boundaries and surrendered authority in order to work with Mashonaland to bring forth a new nation called Zimbabwe; a ‘modern nation’ supposedly conceived in liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal. Continue reading

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Zimbabwe independence costs

With a high degree of confidence, my verdict on Zimbabwe’s post-independence operational processes is that they have created more suffering, deeper socioeconomic disparities and have claimed more political victims than the Smith regime would ever have dreamt of. The so-called independence is now a pantomime; of sovereign African states, we are certainly in an exclusive group of one country that has successfully engineered the extinction of its own currency. Continue reading

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Of Matabeleland’s consenting slaves

Slaves who think they are free condemn themselves and generations to come to a whole life of enslavement. Our Matabele brothers who feel free, satisfied and equal within Zimbabwean systems are free to feel so but they should stop their pathetic attempts at sharing their complacency with the rest of the ordinary Matabele citizens who feel the brunt of ZANU PF orchestrated oppression. Continue reading

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Matabeleland: a tale of freedom and liberty absence

I am sure it is now evident to all who follow this blog that I am indignant of modern-day Zimbabwe state’s systematic bias against Matabeleland. I hold strong convictions that the people of Matabeleland are discriminated against in the modern-day Zimbabwe state. Not only that, I retain strong convictions too that this discrimination is no accident but a result of comprehensive planning by the ZANU PF government. Continue reading