That Barbourfields Stadium attack on a police officer

The recent attack on Zimbabwean police officers which left one officer with minor injuries during a football match at Barbourfields Stadium sums up the fundamental failures of the ZANU PF-led independent Zimbabwe’s governance. The incident is a manifestation of the failure to facilitate a truly one nation, and even more worrying the failure to create systems and structures in which all have confidence.The suspected hooligan who assaulted a policeman with a police shield during the violent skirmishes that rocked Barbourfields Stadium yesterday. Continue reading


Point of correction: Highlanders isn’t a national but a community football team

I am not upset about the deliberate and calculated distortions of Emmet Ndlovu’s (Highlanders’ Secretary-General) interview in South Africa by some sections of the Zimbabwe and Zimbabwe-interested media; I am upset that from today I question my trust of some individuals whom I had developed a certain level of respect and will from now on not believe them again. Continue reading