6 Jan 2018 § Leave a comment

We are experiencing a sudden wave of palpable hostility towards Gukurahundi victims and anyone who dares stands up to injustice. Truth be told, disregard and insensitivity towards the Gukurahundi atrocities by some ethnic Shona people, I stress they are a minority, cannot sustain peace in Zimbabwe. « Read the rest of this entry »


Social media and Mthwakazi politics

13 Nov 2017 § Leave a comment

Social media has transformed the way we communicate; information is quick to gather and spread, and the context even quicker to lose. It would be foolhardy to deny the fact that social media is here to stay, and it does have an impact on the political space of Mthwakazi. What we can argue on however, is the effectiveness of the transference of what happens online to the ground. « Read the rest of this entry »

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