Ignorance linked to Gukurahundi non-action

20 Apr 2016 § 1 Comment

We should not claim surprise that in a Zimbabwe born out of ethnic discrimination, ethnic discrimination remains at the centre of the country’s political systems. Our future is greater than our past; our wisdom will not be drawn from a mere recollection of our past but by the responsibility we shoulder for our future and that means confronting Gukurahundi perpetrators head on. « Read the rest of this entry »


Free choice is all Matabeleland asks of Zimbabwe

20 Oct 2015 § Leave a comment

When the generation before us saw the need for socio-political parity and thus, physically responded to the colonial remnant racist regime of Mr. Ian Smith, the primary objective was to establish not just a black led government but a peaceful, truly democratic, fairer and non-discriminatory society. « Read the rest of this entry »

Take politics out of Highlanders FC and Bosso out of politics

14 Jun 2015 § Leave a comment

We need not be governed by deception; we must have the clarity of what Highlanders Football Club is. A lack of clarity of what this great institution is will actually kill Bosso; Highlanders fans have to figure out how to shape the identity of the institution now and into the future. « Read the rest of this entry »

Zimbabwe not ready to breakaway from dictatorship

9 Jun 2015 § Leave a comment

We are acutely aware of Zimbabwe’s elaborate political system of manipulation, intimidation and disempowerment. Zimbabwe’s independence has set free dictators but enslaved the people. It is a system that handsomely rewards conformists but shows little tolerance for independent thinkers. « Read the rest of this entry »

On why Matabeleland should let go of the Ncube-led MDC and ZAPU

16 Nov 2014 § 1 Comment

Welshman Ncube - MDC President

Welshman Ncube – MDC President

The Zimbabwe African People’s Union (ZAPU) and the Ncube-led Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) are Zimbabwean political parties just like the MDC-T and ZANU PF; that is a fact! The delusion in some Matabeleland quarters has been that ZAPU and the MDC are the closest to Matabeleland interests as Zimbabwean political parties can possibly be. « Read the rest of this entry »

Zimbabwean politics: smaller parties have a right to exist!

7 Oct 2010 § Leave a comment

In Zimbabwe the proliferation of political players is often met with deep suspicion by the two main political protagonists (MDC-T and Zanu PF). New political parties face the dubious honour of being called agents of either of the major parties. Many people, especially the MDC-T supporters find the proliferation of political parties as threatening the party’s chances of toppling the political scandal that is Zanu PF thereby scuppering the opportunity for democracy in Zimbabwe. « Read the rest of this entry »

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