Weak institutional environment causing Africa endless problems

Zero accountability and increased informality is the face and failure of Africa’s systems. No system is perfect or fool proof, but systems are a reflection of the unexamined beliefs of their creators, African governments need to take full responsibility for systems in place. A critical examination of African systems indicates their reactive nature, and reactiveContinue reading “Weak institutional environment causing Africa endless problems”

Lessons for Mthwakazi from postcolonial Africa

Zimbabwean politics, like the rest of postcolonial Africa, is a dehumanising experience for African masses who are victims of the transferred executive powers from the colonial governments to black elites (that is to say, people in important positions in society such as political leadership, business, finance, religion, or the military). There are valuable political lessonsContinue reading “Lessons for Mthwakazi from postcolonial Africa”

Pro-Mthwakazi movement needs to invest in good governance

Experience has taught us that when tribalism is elevated to a system level, the system is reduced to tribalism level. Consequently, an unstable, irresponsible, calamitous system that orchestrates, feeds and benefits from hatred within and between communities, promotes and protects supremacism, tyranny of the majority and/ or the elite, heightens brutality, raise public anxiety andContinue reading “Pro-Mthwakazi movement needs to invest in good governance”

The African independence illusion

I seek not to embed victimhood into Matabeleland’s political model but merely state the obvious; Matabeleland has been on the victim side of Zimbabwean independence. Today’s biggest failure for the independent Africa has been the lack of political will, if not incentive, to revamp previously racialised socioeconomic and political systems and structures. If anything, systemicContinue reading “The African independence illusion”

RSA xenophobia: Nigeria recalling ambassador not the answer

Genuine independence for any country means being in control of one’s destiny without an anxious dependence on other countries. Sadly, the ‘independent’ Africa today sees itself increasingly dependent on other regions for support to keep itself barely on its knees always staring at the prospect of lying flat on its belly. These are worrying timesContinue reading “RSA xenophobia: Nigeria recalling ambassador not the answer”

The need for direct democracy in Africa

The only people holding Africa back are the African masses who continue to allow themselves to be left out of important political matters by career politicians. The result is unsurprisingly the same old story of ‘independence’ without freedoms for ordinary men and women; an abundance of natural wealth that will not protect the poor fromContinue reading “The need for direct democracy in Africa”

Africa’s failing politics

African states have secured ‘independence’ but have yet to achieve internal stability due to the failure to organise internal peace. No one can conceivably deny that post-colonial Africa’s internal systems have largely failed to address serious matters of socio-political inequality and the instability that it brings. Diffusion of power has yet to be genuinely placedContinue reading “Africa’s failing politics”