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The challenge for African multinational states

Devolution of power, Home, International, Politics 8 Dec 2013

It is ironic that the so-called modern and independent African states suffer intolerable levels of internal violence and injustice compared to the pre-colonial traditional nations. The modern African state boundaries were determined by Western economic and political interests and these never recognised African people’s interests. Read More


It’s Syria’s internal politics and not chemical weapons that need sorting!

Home, International, Politics 2 Oct 2013

The British Prime Minister David Cameron thinks that the Syrian situation is a holocaust in waiting and unfortunate as it is, he maybe right. Already over 100,000 people have died in the conflict yet the super powers’ priorities remain limited to their ideological interests; the US protecting Israel and Russia securing the longevity of Assad’s regime. Obama’s ‘Red line’ simply safeguards a long-held principle against the use of chemical weapons and does little for the protection of Syrian civilians; the indiscriminate use of conventional weapons falls outside the red line.

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Understanding Africa’s underdevelopment

Democracy, Home, International, Politics 24 Mar 2013

Here we examine the impact of the relationship between Africa and the West in the underdevelopment of the former. It is incomprehensible that Africa a continent endowed with natural resources will be home to some of the poorest communities in the globe. If there is anything holding down Africans at the moment it is not empty pockets but poverty of minds. It is argued here that for Africa to develop, structural inequalities in the relationship between Africa and the West need to be addressed.

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The sad demise of Colonel Gaddafi

Democracy, Home, International, Politics 15 Nov 2011

Seeing Gaddafi’s last moments on TV I felt sad to see a human being in that state. I imagined how he was feeling at that moment. But then I thought: how did his victims feel in his 42 years of brutality? I wondered if he ever, in those last moments, reflected back on his own actions. I hope he did and in a way felt what thousands of victims of his brutal reign felt. For Gaddafi, I felt little remorse; for humanity I was in sorrow: Gaddafi may have died the way he lived but humanity sank low on that day.

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