What is now evident and concerning about the MDC Alliance is its narrowing area of concern; the Alliance’s centre of focus is not people but power. When focus is power and principles secondary, people’s needs become the victim of politics. Continue reading



As victims and first-hand witnesses of state violence, we must use our experience to denounce all forms of violence; we must not be seen to be supporting and condoning violence; we must not be seen to be even remotely accommodating an insidious culture of violence that cheapens human life. Continue reading

Demystifying the Matabeleland powerhouse agenda

We want to assure those with reservations and apprehensive about the Southern Powerhouse agenda that this is not another ethnically nuanced African political disaster but an honest opportunity to transform Matabeleland into a progressive, modern and politically responsible space. Continue reading

The problem of Zimbabwe’s independence for Matabeleland

The millions of Zimbabweans who still refuse to condemn the palpable tribalism that continues to be the embodiment of Zimbabwe’s political system are by default guilty of standing in the way of true freedom and liberty for all. We cannot continue excusing ZANU PF injustice on Matabeleland and Matabeles; we cannot as a society allow ourselves to consent to surrender some of our legal and political rights in order for the Mugabe government to protect our other rights; such reasoning is nothing but social, legal and political absurdity. Continue reading

Matabeleland politics: silence not strategy

Independent Zimbabwe is a farce; it is a political script founded on what is right for Zimbabwean society as if Matabeleland were not part of that society. The tragedy of this ZANU PF governed Zimbabwe has not been its calculated exclusion and butcher of Matabeleland citizens but the deafening silence of Matabeleland leadership and the supposedly good people in the international community. Continue reading