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Facebook, the French flag and equality

Frenchflag_memeWhat I have learned since last Friday’s (13/11/15) atrocities in Paris, France, is that I have actually been underestimating the depth of influence of the social media to people’s lives. The response of some Africans to Facebook’s decision to create a French flag meme to help its subscribers express their sadness, solidarity and convey their fears after the terror attacks is testimony to our magnified perception of the role of social media platforms. Continue reading

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Zimbabweans need to emancipate their minds

Political change in Zimbabwe will only occur when minds are freed from the debilitating ZANU PF philosophies that have divided people for the past 30 years. The perfected art of creating enemies of convenience (in the minds of people) has kept people apart and maintained ZANU PF’s rule. Continue reading

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Time for Africa to look within!

The legacy of colonialism has been the manifestation of a cultural inferiority complex in which modern African states look to the West for solutions to Africa’s problems. While it is true that some local problems are a result of both historical and current external events, the majority of Africa’s current problems have their source in Africa’s front door. Continue reading