Eddie Cross’ Ndebele/ Khalanga tribalism clanger

Liars anchoring the political life cycle of Zimbabwe have managed to convince themselves that Matabeleland is a threat to national unity and have treated it as one. This deception is nothing but a chunk of deliberate lies reduced and meticulously put into practice. The whole Zimbabwean system is a political sham frequently patched and propped up by a woven set of partial truths, if not plain lies to avoid it collapsing on itself. Continue reading



Tsvangirai is yet to let me down; he is consistently clueless and will confidently display it whenever given the chance as was the case at White City Stadium in Bulawayo recently. His concerns of what he perceives to be a peace threatening culture of ethnic extremism are imaginary at best and a lie at worst. Continue reading


The main feature and constant reality of Zimbabwean independence has been its objective absence in Mthwakazi and Mthwakazi’s socio-political space being systematically altered. Shonawashing is the term I will use to call the deliberate and sustained socio-political practice of replacing Mthwakazi people, norms and values with Shona alternatives. Continue reading

Matabeleland Against Division

The priority of the Mthwakazi movement’s engagement in politics must be to better the lives of people and, not just a vehicle for opportunists to amass political power. The movement does not exist to replace ZANU PF but as a vehicle for the creation of opportunity and access to all who call Matabeleland home. Continue reading

Drawing Matabeleland battle lines

We owe it to our fallen heroes and heroines (grandparents, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, sons, daughters and the unborn babies mercilessly butchered) not to allow the Zimbabwean state dominion over Matabeleland and not to repeat the horrors of the Gukurahundi inhuman acts of undeterred violence. Continue reading

Linda Masarira’s Ndebele slur

We shall not pretend to be surprised by Linda Tsungie Masarira’s recently expressed political remarks about the alleged ‘cowardice’ of Ndebeles. As Matabeleland nationals, we will steer clear of self-pity and ensure there is no longer any tolerance for such outrageous conduct.

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