Vilification of Joshua Nkomo is a flawed political strategy

To try and remodel the late Joshua Nkomo, sacrifice and reduce him to a ZANU PF icon and coin his political ideological location as intently anti-Mthwakazi freedom is malicious disinformation that unfortunately serves to afford scoundrels in ZANU PF a peaceable existence they do not deserve. Focusing public ire on Nkomo for Mthwakazi’s problems isContinue reading “Vilification of Joshua Nkomo is a flawed political strategy”

Will there be political capital in the ‘blame game’?

Analysis of its political past helps a nation put its unconscious political actions into words and into context it can be better understood. No patriotic Mthwakazian objects to the scrutiny of Joshua Nkomo’s leadership, but it is the narrative that raises eyebrows. Rather than analyse Nkomo and make judgement of him, we want to understand himContinue reading “Will there be political capital in the ‘blame game’?”

Matabeleland critics should show political creativity

To date, the Zimbabwean regime has successfully kept the Mthwakazi nation passive by limiting the spectrum of acceptable opinion and tightly controlling the level of debate within the political space. While the rejuvenation of the nationalist agenda and critique of such local greats as Dr Joshua Nkomo are a welcome development in the 21st CenturyContinue reading “Matabeleland critics should show political creativity”