Matabeleland’s conundrum over Zimbabwe independence celebrations

We shall not dignify mediocrity; we refuse to participate in political hypocrisy. Instead of celebrating the 18th of April this year, we will heed the lessons of the failure of Zimbabwe’s independence. We shall collectively commemorate the loss of independence for our people, degradation of human decency, violation and loss of rights and individual libertiesContinue reading “Matabeleland’s conundrum over Zimbabwe independence celebrations”

Gukurahundi: who benefits from ‘moving on’?

Justice for victims of the Gukurahundi atrocities is Matabeleland’s goal, escaping accountability for the Gukurahundi genocide is ZANU PF’s dream. To effectively address the Gukurahundi atrocities, Zimbabwean society needs to come together to restore humanity against the background of ZANU PF sponsored dehumanisation. For years the party has maintained a loosened relationship with, and separatedContinue reading “Gukurahundi: who benefits from ‘moving on’?”

Correct diagnosis gives chance for the right treatment

1983/ 84 Gukurahundi genocide survivors of Matabeleland were failed twice: once at the initial point of their abuse/ trauma when the world conveniently looked away and again when the system failed to acknowledge their needs; the Zimbabwe institutions and media has gone as far as questioning the numbers affected by that act of barbarism, thatContinue reading “Correct diagnosis gives chance for the right treatment”

Why Gukurahundi atrocities must be remembered

Great Britain was not responsible for the Gukurahundi genocide, but it did not use its obvious influence in Zimbabwe to stop the brutality. To Matabeleland, memories of the time are essential because that is the best way of keeping the atrocities real in our minds. When the Mugabe regime authorised the use of a speciallyContinue reading “Why Gukurahundi atrocities must be remembered”

Raise the moral bar to better Matabeleland political systems and institutions

Public disenchantment has become a key feature in independent Zimbabwe, particularly in Matabeleland where under the pretext of addressing insecurity in the region, thousands of Ndebele civilians were starved, tortured, raped, abducted and murdered in a state conjured military operation. Following the tribal, hate-fuelled murderous and dehumanising military activities of the 5th Brigade in anContinue reading “Raise the moral bar to better Matabeleland political systems and institutions”

Lessons for Mthwakazi from postcolonial Africa

Zimbabwean politics, like the rest of postcolonial Africa, is a dehumanising experience for African masses who are victims of the transferred executive powers from the colonial governments to black elites (that is to say, people in important positions in society such as political leadership, business, finance, religion, or the military). There are valuable political lessonsContinue reading “Lessons for Mthwakazi from postcolonial Africa”

Confronting mainstream media a necessity in fight for Gukurahundi justice

Gukurahundi atrocities mark the darkest moment in Mthwakazi’s history and totally transformed the nation; our perception of our nation was altered. The atrocities shook the foundations of diversity, tore down the very fabric of who we are – a tolerant nation, undermined trust between and within communities, planted suspicion and bred in norms and valuesContinue reading “Confronting mainstream media a necessity in fight for Gukurahundi justice”

Gukurahundi never a moment of madness

We have two main ways in which people are fooled – one is to believe what is not true, the other is to refuse to believe what is true. It is no wonder we have individuals who believe the untruth that says Gukurahundi was a legitimate security measure by a government bent on fighting dissidentsContinue reading “Gukurahundi never a moment of madness”