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Why are ethnic Shona people defensive about tribalism?

Ethno-nationalism remains a huge problem in Zimbabwean society with particularly devastating outcomes for Mthwakazi and ethnic Ndebele people yet many ethnic Shona people are quick to dismiss it, even going to the extent of accusing victims of being tribalists themselves.

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Hunger for power not a just political objective

There is this hideous notion that hunger for power is good; driving that idea are people that are perfectly willing to feed the ambitions of political conspirators who are committed to undercut public interest for personal gain. Hunger for power is spuriously sold as a legitimate driver for politics. 39 years of Zimbabwean political self-rule, familiarity with greed has become the norm, the goodness of hunger for power seems like common sense; the prevailing politics is a classic wicked rule perpetuated and protected by lust for power. 

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Systemic tribalism and Shona privilege

The problem of Mthwakazi with the independent Zimbabwe lies not on the tribe leading the politics of the country but the politics in the leading tribe. Our problem is the purposeful construction of a systemic structure that grants privileges to ethnic Shona people and withholds same from us.

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Mashonaland, not Matabeleland, must change attitude

It is disconcerting and disgusting to hear ‘independent’ political analysts trying to apportion blame to Matabeleland people for the tribal disharmony in Zimbabwe. These groups or individuals seek political relevance through a failed attempt to mask actions of a clearly tribalist and offensive political system created by ZANU tribalists and backed by most in Mashonaland.

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The cost of a rogue state managing chaotic demonstrations

If we cannot question how on 14 January 2019 a protester against fuel price hikes of 130% returned home with food groceries and other basic commodities, and if we cannot challenge how professional security personnel assigned to restore and maintain order from a demonstration that had gone out of hand ended up raping young school girls, we have reached unprecedented levels of moral decadence.

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Matabeleland uncompromising stance on respect

Zimbabwe is poor for lack of morality not resources; progress will happen when we reject lies as our socio-political foundation and when we adopt and allow honest and creative politics and not deception to take root and transform the lives of all. When my ability and not my social background ceases to be a factor in decisions about my rights, the whole world will look and respect us.