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To the Matabeleland electorate

There is no greater irresponsibility than standing by and watching your nation lose control of its socio-political fabric. The starting point of all achievement is desire.

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Tsvangirai’s media fans maybe doing him a disservice

If there is any conclusion to be drawn from reports, denials and rejection of Morgan Tsvangirai’s potential suspension as MDC-T’s president it is that the MDC-T is a chaotic organisation. The role of the media in canonizing Tsvangirai comes into question too. The independent media’s evasion of responsibility is worrying; the media has not acted as the fair monitor of the performance of political leaders on behalf of the population.

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Zimbabwe’s misfiring opposition and a dangerous politics of ethnic division

Limiting critical political focus on and identifying ZANU PF as the single most significant problem in Zimbabwean politics is an illusion that trivialises the problem and renders solutions even more elusive; it is sabre-rattling conveniently meant to divert attention from the real systemic problems. Tribalism is a visible marker in the form and content of Zimbabwean politics.

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Mthwakazi nationalists’ devolution headache

Last week I argued that disunity within the Mthwakazi nationalist movement did not necessarily compromise the independence agenda as much as the other competing political ideals. In particular, the vastly publicised devolution of power defined as the statutory decentralisation of powers from the central government of a sovereign state to government at regional or local level poses a real and sustained threat to nationalists.