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  • Mthwakazi has to choose her battles wisely

    As I write this blog, I hope that the fight for Mthwakazi’s recognition in Big Brother Africa (BBA) would have subsided but, was it a good choice for a battle? Are we not running the risk of grand standing and in the process trivialising the revolution?

  • Colonialism, Gukurahundi and a Mthwakazi state

    Keystone maneuvers in the agenda for Mthwakazi self-determination are gathering pace though most of the work is currently being conducted on social media. The online location and execution of aims is best understood from the contextual reality that advocating for a nationalism of the oppressed remains a good way of getting one killed, we have […]

  • Matabeleland a hive of political activity

    I wonder if the online political activity has been replicated on the mountains and valleys of Matabeleland. Things have been moving rather quickly on the cyber world and excitingly so for a change. I remember a few days ago drafting this blog and convincing myself that one of the newer and perhaps younger political organisations in […]

  • Fight for rights and freedoms of all

    Just a personal thought: There is merit in the fight for rights and freedoms of people of Matabeleland but there is absolutely no justification in bashing all ethnic Shona people. There is merit in some people from Matabeleland advocating for a separate state but expecting such a state to be exclusively Mthwakazian and exclude Shona […]

  • No power vacuum in Matabeleland

    Matabeleland lacks leaders who love the region; Matabeleland suffers from a power vacuum since the death of Dr Joshua Nkomo; the region is being disrespected by other ethnic groups. These are some of the assertions made by Mr Lovemore Moyo, a Matabeleland based senior member of the opposition party, the MDC-T.

  • Will an independent Matabeleland be the saviour?

    In the 31 years of a Shona-dominated government Matabeleland and its people have persistently been the poor cousins dependent on hand-downs from their richer cousins in the north of Zimbabwe. However, the same statement can easily be true of many parts of Zimbabwe. The ZANU PF government has failed the aspirations of many Zimbabweans – […]

  • The myth of political space saturation in Zimbabwe

    Some Zimbabweans say there is no more room for another political party; I say there is enough room to accommodate any number of political parties. People argue that having many political parties has a vote splitting effect that presents victory to ZANU PF. Zimbabweans feel the MDC-T stands a better chance of defeating ZANU PF […]

  • Zimbabweans need to emancipate their minds

    Political change in Zimbabwe will only occur when minds are freed from the debilitating ZANU PF philosophies that have divided people for the past 30 years. The perfected art of creating enemies of convenience (in the minds of people) has kept people apart and maintained ZANU PF’s rule.