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  • Pay attention to who your leaders idolise

    You can cut through the tension in Matabeleland’s political environment. What we are facing is the contradiction between unbalanced and inadequate political development and the people’s ever-growing need for a better life. This is a critical stage in our political development and we need to find a way to celebrate our diversity and debate our […]

  • Gukurahundi: who benefits from ‘moving on’?

    Justice for victims of the Gukurahundi atrocities is Matabeleland’s goal, escaping accountability for the Gukurahundi genocide is ZANU PF’s dream. To effectively address the Gukurahundi atrocities, Zimbabwean society needs to come together to restore humanity against the background of ZANU PF sponsored dehumanisation. For years the party has maintained a loosened relationship with, and separated […]

  • The Matabeleland problem of ethnic Shona elite revanchists

    Gaining and asserting ethnic Shona social, economic and political dominance in Matabeleland remains central to ZANU PF’s existence. It is true that regaining historically lost assets – physical territory, social, economic and political authority in what is Matabeleland today is ZANU revanchists’ project; from its inception in 1963, the party set itself the task of […]

  • Good political communication vital

    Decades of poor political communication and unresponsive policies will not be undone in days, but we are in control of the change we want. It is prudent that we start by eliminating the unnecessary so the necessary defines the political space. The first step to ensuring the Mthwakazi or Matabeleland movement is high-functioning and poised […]

  • Political indifference: Lessons from Gukurahundi genocide

    For those still wondering why the state of politics in Matabeleland politics is incredibly distressing, look no further than the average Matabeleland adult’s attitude towards active participation in local politics, the indifference displayed on a daily basis is beyond all decent contemplation. The indifference is bewildering, there is no sense of personal responsibility, many people […]

  • Why should Bulawayo motorists pay for parking?

    Some ideas sound foreign and lacking merit the very second they are aired, and they become even more detached from reality the more scrutiny is paid on them, this is true of the suggestion of paid parking in Bulawayo. This is not an idea coming from Bulawayo residents and it is clearly lacking merit. We […]

  • Safety of Matabeleland’s social and political space is everybody’s responsibility

    Condemning all forms of violence will be the first and most significant step in the second revolution of African politics where the enemy is no longer external to us but among us, and in our minds. We can no longer justifiably use Western governments’ meddling in local politics as reason for internal violence, for if […]

  • Is violent resistance by the Matabeleland movement justifiable?

    Jostling for basics in life typifies civil society struggles under a ZANU PF government in an independent Zimbabwe. The Independence has been nothing short of a disaster for civil society; it has upended the lives of people of all generations, races, tribes and all regions, but its effects have been especially devastating for Matabeleland and […]

  • A need to emphasize civil supremacy over the military

  • The problem of the ‘educated’ elite Matabele to Matabeleland politics