Category: Federalism

  • Why didn’t ZAPU of the last generation do more to combat ZANU tribalism?

    Bashing ZAPU of yesteryear is not the objective of this article, political enlightment is; the situation in Matabeleland today is too dire for us to act from habit—to re-enact again and again the same solutions that brought us to our present extremity; today we are in no better position than we were during the colonial […]

  • Federal Matabeleland requires decentralisation for good local governance

    Creative politics is required so cultural differences in Mthwakazi/ Matabeleland do not become a source of division but a valuable base for social enrichment. Prejudice against other people is the one factor turning humans against each other; political opportunism appropriates differences, creates privileges for some population groups over others and implants perceptions of supremacy and […]

  • Counter injustice is no form of justice

    Voicing our concerns about a vengeance based political doctrine and advocating against retaliatory strategies should not be misconstrued for cowardice; we are not cowards for not having faith in emotionally charged strategies that target specific population groups for abuse, and attempt to create a moral code that celebrates hatred against other humans. An ethnic Shona […]

  • Build Back Better Mthwakazi

    If we want to know the reason for the lack of political progress in Mthwakazi or Matabeleland, we just got to stand in front of the mirror, and there we will see our nemesis. We are stuck in an oversimplified polarised conflict and we need to deconstruct the current political framework that hinders our transformative […]

  • Political Empowerment a necessity for Mthwakazi Citizens

    Agent policy and institutional reforms are needed to ensure the pro-Mthwakazi politics attains ideological congruence, and more important to ensure the movement does not become a version of ZANU PF. What is required is the creation, promotion and protection of a pro-citizens politics; this is an approach that will create structures that enable genuine political […]

  • Eradicate or modify executive presidency for the good of Mthwakazi

    In this blog we have made no secret of our reservation over accumulation of executive power anywhere within our government; a concentration of executive power in one person has been the focus of our critique. We are particularly concerned about the amount of responsibilities laid upon individuals and believe it would require superhuman ability for […]

  • The pro-Mthwakazi movement has a duty of care to all – not some – citizens

    Citizen doubts over the benefits of an independent Mthwakazi state are legitimate worries seeing what an independent Africa has become. A precedent has been set – in the independent Africa power does not trickle down, it is pumped up. True independence is the preserve for the political elite who extract power from citizens. Far from […]

  • Mthwakazi must understand inaction is action

    You will only inspire people when you stand up for something, when you are brave to take responsible risks, when you do what is right, not what is easy nor popular, when instead of being intimidated by the size of the load, you are inspired to figure out how to safely carry it. Let us […]

  • The states of the Mthwakazi federal

    Reference to the magic figure of 33 states forming the Mthwakazi federal has been a common theme in the last few articles and attempts to define them made, but the whole conversation has been a wordy abstraction with the public’s creative minds left to imagine the states configurations. There has been little visuals shared to […]

  • The Mthwakazi federal government

    We do not only want to avoid but need to eradicate narcissism in governance. No one should allow themselves the misplaced privilege of thinking their definition of the world is the only right way and everybody else has to fit in around it. Everybody has the right to be who they are and live their […]