Category: Decentralisation

  • Public influence on policy shows no sign of growing

    Core to the functional feature of a political system is who runs things or rather who does the system permit to run things because this determines the shape, capability and responsiveness, that is, the ability of institutions to facilitate desired actions in a timely manner. The consistent feature of the four decades of independent Zimbabwe […]

  • Political indifference: Lessons from Gukurahundi genocide

    For those still wondering why the state of politics in Matabeleland politics is incredibly distressing, look no further than the average Matabeleland adult’s attitude towards active participation in local politics, the indifference displayed on a daily basis is beyond all decent contemplation. The indifference is bewildering, there is no sense of personal responsibility, many people […]

  • Federal Matabeleland requires decentralisation for good local governance

    Creative politics is required so cultural differences in Mthwakazi/ Matabeleland do not become a source of division but a valuable base for social enrichment. Prejudice against other people is the one factor turning humans against each other; political opportunism appropriates differences, creates privileges for some population groups over others and implants perceptions of supremacy and […]

  • Political Empowerment a necessity for Mthwakazi Citizens

    Agent policy and institutional reforms are needed to ensure the pro-Mthwakazi politics attains ideological congruence, and more important to ensure the movement does not become a version of ZANU PF. What is required is the creation, promotion and protection of a pro-citizens politics; this is an approach that will create structures that enable genuine political […]

  • The Mthwakazi federal government

    We do not only want to avoid but need to eradicate narcissism in governance. No one should allow themselves the misplaced privilege of thinking their definition of the world is the only right way and everybody else has to fit in around it. Everybody has the right to be who they are and live their […]

  • Why federalism suits Mthwakazi

    A unitary Zimbabwe has failed Mthwakazi; our view of the Zimbabwe political space today is that it is – to most Mthwakazi residents – a place of reference, not a place of residence (a place of learning, not a place of dwelling); sadly, it is hard to find anything good or positive to learn; Zimbabwe […]

  • How we distribute political power will shape our future

    If Zimbabwe is to achieve and sustain a peaceable existence, it must acknowledge the fact the current political system does not address the realities of uneven political distribution between the two traditional states making up the country. We need to acknowledge that a radical redistribution of economic and political power and a radical restructuring of […]

  • Find a way, not an excuse

    Systematically stripped of its identity, dignity and power and pushed further away from its normal self, Mthwakazi has become unrecognisable from the nation that it could be. However, not all is lost, let us draw relief in knowing that we have the tools to reclaim our national pride. We appreciate that will not happen by […]

  • How Mthwakazi suffocates in Zimbabwe’s politics of resource allocation

    In an ideal world public sector intervention in economic activity is primarily motivated by the desire for efficient allocation of resources, equal wealth distribution and stabilisation of economic activity in a country. However, in the independent Zimbabwe evidence suggests that ulterior political interests have been the main determinant in deciding the allocation of resources in […]

  • Mashonaland, not Matabeleland, must change attitude

    It is disconcerting and disgusting to hear ‘independent’ political analysts trying to shift entire blame to Matabeleland people for the tribal disharmony in Zimbabwe. These groups or individuals seek political relevance through a failed attempt to mask actions of a clearly tribalist and offensive political system created by ZANU tribalists and backed by most in […]