Schooling must promote and not interfere with children’s learning

Every successful society has a good education system backing it, and that is no coincidence; there is overwhelming evidence suggesting education in Africa is fact obsessed over kindling imagination and that has serious impact on invention. Discovery is a by-product of imagination not fact storing. We need a cultural shift and investment in a systemContinue reading “Schooling must promote and not interfere with children’s learning”

Emotional intelligence vital for Mthwakazi leaders

Years of research in leadership must inform pro-Mthwakazi’s approach to leadership; research is consistent in that without an understanding of your emotions you cannot obtain and maintain effective leadership roles. One needs to understand their range of emotions and those of the led; the Mthwakazi struggle must never be allowed to be a casualty ofContinue reading “Emotional intelligence vital for Mthwakazi leaders”

Matabeleland has to refocus on vocational education

The focus of Zimbabwean educational policies at independence in 1980 was, quite understandably, to address the pre-independence racial inequalities within the system and rid it of the racialised two-tier system that deliberately restricted academic education mainly to white students while controlling provision and consigning the majority of black students to the inferior practical subjects suchContinue reading “Matabeleland has to refocus on vocational education”

In pursuit of a good education for Matabeleland

Political control is imperative for Matabeleland to be closer to decisions affecting locals. We need to solve the main Matabeleland problem of a general lack of good education. Our definition of a good education is that which equips children with the skills to deal with challenges of their generation, here we are talking of anContinue reading “In pursuit of a good education for Matabeleland”

How do we save education in Matabeleland?

Poverty is a multidimensional phenomenon extending beyond financial income to education among other socioeconomic and political factors. The sooner Matabeleland engages with the reality of our academic performance problem, the better. We need to acknowledge that we have a problem of academic attainment, involvement and motivation among young people in the region.

Mthwakazi’s future must be waged and won in the public school

Mthwakazi’s future lies beyond the mere schooling of masses; it lies in the education of the Mthwakazi masses. While Zimbabwe’s education system has been good enough to empower some individual Mthwakazians, it has been an equally effective tool in the disempowerment of the Mthwakazi society. Mthwakazi’s acquired ignorance and not Zimbabwe’s monopoly on military resources isContinue reading “Mthwakazi’s future must be waged and won in the public school”