Why election boycott is a weak tool

Raising questions of the credibility of the election institutions in Zimbabwe has become part and parcel of the election process. The electoral process is seriously flawed and no one has shown serious intention to fix the situation which is no wonder some Matabeleland movements are now convinced boycotting elections is our strongest tool.

Consensus way forward for pro-Mthwakazi politics

The reality of life in Mthwakazi within an independent Zimbabwe is that tribalism affects every aspect of citizens’ lives; it is an unpleasant experience, and the analysis of the politics it effects is so important to us that Matabeleland movement leaders have become the princes and princesses of our society. However, although the different movementsContinue reading “Consensus way forward for pro-Mthwakazi politics”

A fair and sensitive voting system

Voting is vitally important to democracy, it remains the only way that “We the People” self-govern. Elections must not be a charade that exists to legitimise the appropriation of power by political parties and the elite. The political function of elections must be to safeguard the rights of the minority and avoid the tyranny ofContinue reading “A fair and sensitive voting system”

Why Mthwakazi must reject the FPTP system

Voting systems are a fundamental instrument in a democracy because how people choose their leaders is as important as the right to choose. It is increasingly evident that how we choose our leadership in Zimbabwe has played a significant role in our government failure to deliver good leadership and reduce public suffering. In our favouredContinue reading “Why Mthwakazi must reject the FPTP system”

Mthwakazi in Zimbabwe elections

The reservations of some pro-Mthwakazi parties over the benefits of participating in elections can best be understood from the fact Zimbabwe has been conducting elections since 1980 yet it is still not democratic. During the same period, Matabeles have been participating in elections but they are no less oppressed today than they were during theContinue reading “Mthwakazi in Zimbabwe elections”

What we learned from the 2018 Zimbabwe Elections

We have learnt little to nothing from the latest election process in Zimbabwe; the First-Past-The-Post (FPTP) has reinforced the duality (Fig 2) of the political landscape. And contrary to popular belief by experts, elections have not weakened ZANU PF, they have given it the opportunity to ‘legally’ shore up its grip on power. As hasContinue reading “What we learned from the 2018 Zimbabwe Elections”

Mthwakazi: Searching for the appropriate voter

We are not the pioneers of the Mthwakazi empowerment agenda; it is a generational effort, all we need to ensure is that we bear our responsibilities seriously and that the agenda is undone not by our generation. Our mandate is to pick up the button from our forebearers; the ambitions for the restoration, reinvigorating andContinue reading “Mthwakazi: Searching for the appropriate voter”

How to run an effective political campaign

As the Zimbabwean election season approaches, we once again contemplate Mthwakazi’s status, and we focus on the pro-Mthwakazi political environment. What is happening within this space or to be precise, what needs to happen? We seek to inform the campaign strategy of our political groups, particularly those that have expressed their intent to participate inContinue reading “How to run an effective political campaign”

Matabeleland needs a proportionally representative electoral system

Democracy cannot succeed when the devices used to implement it do not ensure we are governed no better than we deserve. Matabeleland has constantly raised concerns about the unfairness of Zimbabwean political systems to its people, and we have questioned the conduct of election processes in Zimbabwe but there has yet to be an in-depthContinue reading “Matabeleland needs a proportionally representative electoral system”