Category: Decentralisation

  • Let’s keep the Mthwakazi identity

    Identity remains a critical issue in human social existence; without a sense of identity, the sense of living is lost. The unitary Zimbabwe state does not appreciate difference; it continues to actively pursue an enforced melting pot ideal while suppressing all consideration of the ‘salad bowl’ multicultural concept. No human being should feel pressured to […]


  • Action (and not words alone) required for Matabeleland survival

    Zimbabwean politics is set out to disable Matabeleland; it compromises every socioeconomic and political indicator in the region. However, disabling as the Zimbabwean politics maybe, the way Matabeleland is dealing with it is even more damaging. Matabeleland needs to act!

  • The motivation for Matabeleland to develop herself

    Developing ourselves should be the only source of motivation of our socio-political autonomy and not the hatred towards any other nation, including Harare. Our laws, policies and institutions should be inspired by our traditions and needs and not be the mere reaction to the Zimbabwean regime.

  • Matabeleland should believe in herself

    Now Matabeleland has to challenge herself: why is it that the oppressor has just the same number of hours as us to execute her plan yet she has made massive progress, we have not? Besides internal squabbling what exactly is the plan of action in Matabeleland?

  • Change of attitude essential for Matabeleland nationalism

    While the biggest threat to Matabeleland nationalists is internal conflict and public apathy, the biggest responsibility for nationalists is a deliberate, persistent and pointed engagement with the public. That the Matabeleland public appears apathetic to programmes driven by nationalist organisations is no evidence of lack of interest, it is a challenge to internal processes of […]

  • The challenge for African multinational states

    It is ironic that the so-called modern and independent African states suffer intolerable levels of internal violence and injustice compared to the pre-colonial traditional nations. The modern African state boundaries were determined by Western economic and political interests and these never recognised African people’s interests.

  • Mthwakazi nationalists’ devolution headache

    Last week I argued that disunity within the Mthwakazi nationalist movement did not necessarily compromise the independence agenda as much as the other competing political ideals. In particular, the vastly publicised devolution of power defined as the statutory decentralisation of powers from the central government of a sovereign state to government at regional or local […]

  • Devolution the wrong route towards Mthwakazi independence

    There is unanimous understanding among most pro-Mthwakazi stakeholders that Mthwakazi independence should not just be a goal in itself; instead, it should be the basis for meeting the socioeconomic, cultural and political challenges currently facing all Mthwakazians in the unitary Zimbabwe today; it should be the bedrock for the promotion of sustainable development, equality of […]

  • Devolution not equals Mthwakazi independence

    Opinions remain opinions no matter how many times and how boldly they are expressed. Let us get this right, we are not entitled to our opinions. Rather we are entitled to our informed opinions. None is ever entitled to be ignorant.