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  • Language and political message delivery

    Questions have been raised of the impact (to the message) of the language being used by some pro-Mthwakazi activists. This, I believe, is a fair question of interest in relation to the importance of language as a tool of communication. Words can make or break your message. If you do not pay attention to your […]


  • Pro-Mthwakazi political communication

    We argue that effective communication will be an indispensable tool in the real growth of the pro-Mthwakazi politics; communication breaks down the invisible barriers between the public and the leadership. Pro-Mthwakazi politics is no different, its growth is dependent on how well politics, politicians and the public interact. Effective communication creates links between leaders and […]

  • Pro-Mthwakazi movement needs to invest in good governance

    Experience has taught us that when tribalism is elevated to a system level, the system is reduced to tribalism level. Consequently, an unstable, irresponsible, calamitous system that orchestrates, feeds and benefits from hatred within and between communities, promotes and protects supremacism, tyranny of the majority and/ or the elite, heightens brutality, raise public anxiety and […]

  • Encountering inconvenience unavoidable in politics

    If your dream is to lead people and not just to acquire power, start seeing engaging the public as your essential work not an inconvenience in your journey. Latest social media news suggest resignations, dismissals and generalised allegations of internal disaffection and/ or conflict in one pro-Mthwakazi movement. While this is clearly a distraction, it […]

  • Using images to manage the image of pro-Mthwakazi politics

    Contemporary media has quite literally taken over control of the political communication space leaving politicians and political organisations scrambling for recognition or attention in a rapidly moving and changing narrative. In this digital age, it is no longer the preserve of politicians and political organisations to control or dictate what is newsworthy but that of […]

  • Confronting mainstream media a necessity in fight for Gukurahundi justice

    Gukurahundi atrocities mark the darkest moment in Mthwakazi’s history and totally transformed the nation; our perception of our nation was altered. The atrocities shook the foundations of diversity, tore down the very fabric of who we are – a tolerant nation, undermined trust between and within communities, planted suspicion and bred in norms and values […]

  • Vilification of Joshua Nkomo is a flawed political strategy

    To try and remodel the late Joshua Nkomo, sacrifice and reduce him to a ZANU PF icon and coin his political ideological location as intently anti-Mthwakazi freedom is malicious disinformation that unfortunately serves to afford scoundrels in ZANU PF a peaceable existence they do not deserve. Focusing public ire on Nkomo for Mthwakazi’s problems is […]

  • Language in politics

    Silence can be golden, but being quiet is not a privilege politicians should accustom themselves to, apart from when it is some form of constructive ambiguity. Politicians are in the business of either seeking to comment or react to media stories every day and night. Silence in politics is as potent as a shopkeeper who […]

  • Pro-Mthwakazi politics: Communications Departments vital

    Those who win elections do so, for the most part, because they have invested in effective communication structures and processes. Ideology espoused is important, but it, alone, is not enough. Our political processes need to adapt to the modern challenges and our educational process will be complete when we have learned how to learn and […]

  • Democracy and free press are inseparable

    True democracy is our only future, and the building of an infrastructure for a system of free press is integral to that; free flow of information cannot be overstated in the maintenance of a democracy. Our pro-Mthwakazi organisations must be seen, and in real terms, be open to public scrutiny.