Category: Tribalism

  • What change will an independent Mthwakazi make?

    Social media has expanded our universe beyond comprehension and in the process ushered in unprecedented possibilities and challenges to members of its community. It has been the ultimate equaliser providing a universal platform for individuals and groups to bypass state imposed barriers and confidently discuss issues that they would otherwise not have dreamed of publicly […]


  • The attack on Kalangas is a desperate act by an unashamed tribalist

    The irresponsible comments made by Mr Mugabe about ethnic Kalanga people at a recent SADC meeting in Harare are abhorrent, they have no place in modern politics and public life. The comments are out-of-order, bigoted, unfortunate scapegoating and not statesman-like.

  • Zimbabwe’s dictatorship and its impact in Matabeleland

    The Zimbabwean State operates an elaborate and smart dictatorship that defines the limit of the spectrum of acceptable opinion through effective use of decidedly compromised educational and political processes. Through a comprehensive programme of calculated social and political deceit, the regime maintains public conformity, perpetuates passivity, obedience and more importantly, sustains its legitimacy by allowing […]

  • Pro-Mthwakazi not equals anti-Shona

    There is no doubting the value of the internet on the Mthwakazi nationalism agenda. It provides for an effective route round censorship thus allows for open and heated debate on various aspects of Mthwakazi nationalism. However, the debate only becomes informative when all contributors possess a basic understanding of the subject (Mthwakazi nationalism) or those […]

  • Ndebeles must stop the derogatory term ‘ihole’

    There is acute understanding among many Mthwakazi nationals that a socio-political change is necessary for progress. There is however, a lack of realisation of the importance of demonstrable inter-ethnic unity in achieving that change – a dangerous oversight, one would think. We need not forget that language has implications, a name or identity ascribed to […]

  • Zimbabwe: the social hazards of stereotypes

    Almost four decades into independence, Zimbabwe remains a source of social intolerance and a minefield of stereotypes – a significant first sign of an inadequate education system. Poor education founded on stereotypes breeds and maintains ignorance and arrogant impatience, whereas deep and broad education is the stable base for humility.