Category: Tribalism

  • Rethinking our politics

    Difficult times call for difficult decisions and tough measures. In the face of colonialism our fathers’ generation fought; in the face of today’s difficulties, today’s Mthwakazi generation needs to be decisive; shunning our responsibility to change things is a risk we cannot afford. Matabeleland needs a political transformation reflective of local norms and values and […]


  • Mthwakazi in Zimbabwe elections

    The reservations of some pro-Mthwakazi parties over the benefits of participating in elections can best be understood from the fact Zimbabwe has been conducting elections since 1980 yet it is still not democratic. During the same period, Matabeles have been participating in elections but they are no less oppressed today than they were during the […]

  • Systemic tribalism and Shona privilege

    The problem of Mthwakazi with the independent Zimbabwe lies not on the tribe leading the politics of the country but the politics in the leading tribe. Our problem is the purposeful construction of a systemic structure that grants privileges to ethnic Shona people and withholds same from us.

  • A critique of negative political campaigns

    “Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.” United Nations, Universal Declaration of Human Rights.  

  • Gukurahundi never a moment of madness

    We have two main ways in which people are fooled – one is to believe what is not true, the other is to refuse to believe what is true. It is no wonder we have individuals who believe the untruth that says Gukurahundi was a legitimate security measure by a government bent on fighting dissidents […]

  • Mashonaland, not Matabeleland, must change attitude

    It is disconcerting and disgusting to hear ‘independent’ political analysts trying to shift entire blame to Matabeleland people for the tribal disharmony in Zimbabwe. These groups or individuals seek political relevance through a failed attempt to mask actions of a clearly tribalist and offensive political system created by ZANU tribalists and backed by most in […]

  • The cost of a rogue state managing chaotic demonstrations

    If we cannot question how on 14 January 2019 a protester against fuel price hikes of 130% returned home with food groceries and other basic commodities, and if we cannot challenge how professional security personnel assigned to restore and maintain order from a demonstration that had gone out of hand ended up raping young school […]

  • If double standards front Mthwakazi politics, freedom will be the loser

    In colonial Rhodesia people’s value became their skin colour, as in independent Zimbabwe people have become their tribe. Success and failure are subjectively defined; how good or bad an act is, is tied with the tribe that has committed it; for one tribe, crimes are those committed by the other tribe.

  • Matabeleland uncompromising stance on respect

    Zimbabwe is poor for lack of morality not resources; progress will happen when we reject lies as our socio-political foundation and when we adopt and allow honest and creative politics and not deception to take root and transform the lives of all. When my ability and not my social background ceases to be a factor […]

  • Zimbabwean system must treat citizens equal

    No sane person should wake up and be happy with the present state of things in Zimbabwe. We cannot accept the country as it is and lay claim to sanity. Each day we should wake up with a feeling of revulsion because of the injustice of things. First, victims and beneficiaries must reject tribalism and […]