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  • Morgan Tsvangirai’s ‘God-chosen’ clanger

    Tsvangirai has just pulled yet another rabbit out of the hat in his now openly desperate pursuit for presidency, this time telling a church congregation that he and Mugabe were chosen by God to lead Zimbabwe and requesting that Zimbabweans pray for them!  How has Tsvangirai arrived at the conclusion that he and his president […]


  • Colonialism, Gukurahundi and a Mthwakazi state

    Keystone maneuvers in the agenda for Mthwakazi self-determination are gathering pace though most of the work is currently being conducted on social media. The online location and execution of aims is best understood from the contextual reality that advocating for a nationalism of the oppressed remains a good way of getting one killed, we have […]

  • What would Tsvangirai’s public HIV test achieve?

    In as much as I agree with most of Jonathan Moyo’s alleged take on Tsvangirai’s sexual behaviour or misconduct and strongly disapprove of promiscuity in general, I do not agree with the alleged assertion that Tsvangirai should go for a public HIV test before he participates in the forthcoming elections.

  • Tsvangirai mustn’t be allowed an easy political ride

    I do not know whether to say I have enjoyed the media coverage on Tsvangirai’s latest socio-political judgement (or misjudgement, to capture the right context) or I have been disappointed by the behaviour of a man seen by many in his party as the next president of the Republic of Zimbabwe. The catalogue of errors has ranged […]

  • Obsession with ZANU PF compromises political objectivity

    The obsession with ZANU PF is now a subterfuge in the critical analyses of the role of the opposition in Zimbabwe’s politics. This obsession, though understandable, has become a hindrance to the objective and expansive analyses of Zimbabwean politics. Why should we spend our life-time trying to mop water in the house while ignoring the […]

  • The myth of political space saturation in Zimbabwe

    Some Zimbabweans say there is no more room for another political party; I say there is enough room to accommodate any number of political parties. People argue that having many political parties has a vote splitting effect that presents victory to ZANU PF. Zimbabweans feel the MDC-T stands a better chance of defeating ZANU PF […]

  • Zimbabweans need to emancipate their minds

    Political change in Zimbabwe will only occur when minds are freed from the debilitating ZANU PF philosophies that have divided people for the past 30 years. The perfected art of creating enemies of convenience (in the minds of people) has kept people apart and maintained ZANU PF’s rule.

  • Zimbabwe: the social hazards of stereotypes

    Almost four decades into independence, Zimbabwe remains a source of social intolerance and a minefield of stereotypes – a significant first sign of an inadequate education system. Poor education founded on stereotypes breeds and maintains ignorance and arrogant impatience, whereas deep and broad education is the stable base for humility.

  • Black Zimbabweans’ exaggerated perception of the English language

    There is ongoing debate among migrant African parents in the UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, etc. regarding the use of the English language as a primary means of communication instead of individuals’ indigenous languages at home. The question is whether the use of more than one language has a negative impact in the child’s wider communication […]

  • Part Three: Explaining Zimbabwean women’s low social status

    I believe the status quo can be changed and the drivers of that change are none other than women themselves. Notwithstanding the obvious male dominance in society some women have, for years now, been working hard to redress the anomaly. There is a massive women’s lobby in Zimbabwe fighting for the emancipation of women but […]