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Mthwakaziwise politics is the only relevant one

Witnessing the impeachment process and the subsequent acquittal of the USA president, it confirmed what I have always thought, “There’s nothing special about US or Western democracy for it to be sold as a model for global use.” I was left with no doubt that the only political template relevant to us will be one whose chapter only we have written and only we understand.

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Courage required to change Mthwakazi’s politics

In 2019, Mthwakazi cannot, in all conscience, be arguing on whether a change in our politics is or is not required. We need to break free, we must stand together to protect our socio-political space from sinking into irretrievable social and political impoverishment.

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Zimbabwe needs urgent reform of its corrupt political system

Huge and serious differences remain between Matabeleland and Mashonaland’s perceptions of independence; there is a wide gap between what Mthwakazi believes independence entitles her and what the State – dominated by Mashonaland – is prepared to deliver.

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Mthwakazi on representative and direct democracy

Secrecy ought not be the foundation of our standard political system; a culture of secrecy is a weapon for conspiracy and saves as an invaluable shield for politicians and the elite from public scrutiny; secrecy stands in direct conflict with our democratic aspirations that demand openness.

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Take time to understand those who you want to lead

As argued in the previous article, there is a worrisome dislocation of the Mthwakazi movement from its main constituency, Matabeleland. For a successful transformation of Mthwakazi, organisations will need to transform themselves. We need to actively unmask the conditions leading to that disconnect, and that would require taking time to understand the population we want to lead.

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The need for direct democracy in Africa

The only people holding Africa back are the African masses who continue to allow themselves to be left out of important political matters by career politicians. The result is unsurprisingly the same old story of ‘independence’ without freedoms for ordinary men and women; an abundance of natural wealth that will not protect the poor from poverty; centralised authority and exclusive democracy that will protect certain ethnic groups over others.