Citizen ownership is what Matabeleland movement needs

Ordinary citizens’ principal concern of politics within the Matabeleland movement is the distribution of power. Who holds sway in political thought and political action alike is the central preoccupation of the ordinary citizen. We seek from the leadership, justification and defence in the way power is currently distributed in the movement.

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New research finds vaccinated people are less likely to spread Covid-19

Photo credit: Eva Marie Uzcategui / Bloomberg via Getty Images. A health care worker administers a dose of a Covid-19 vaccine in Miami on Aug. 5, 2021.
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We are, but just one people

Years of political persecution, frustration and betrayal make a Matabeleland united and collaborative approach to problem-solving a greater necessity now more than ever before. Our marginalisation within the Zimbabwean system and its supporting institutions has inflicted damaging self-doubt, self-hate, fear and confusion which have plunged the diverse Matabeleland nation into a network of self-destruction and political degradation.

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We shall never let the next Matabeleland generations down

Photo credit: MRP Twitter Feed 2018. MRP’s Bulawayo Central Parliamentary Candidate Ms Sehliselo Ndebele and party members engage in a clean up campaign of the CBD

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Create fair systems

We need to stop pointing to the North, South, East and West and look right in Africa to understand why Africa is the richest content yet it has the poorest race. Any politician indiscriminately directing us out of Africa for the main cause of our problems is out of touch. We, the people, have not gained adequate autonomy to shape our political space so that it serves us because of African leadership not the West or East or South or North. Constant internal gridlock and partisanship is obstructing progress. Awake Africa, tribal and racial diversity is not a problem, the problem is the wolf in sheep’s clothing (our leaders) and their divisive system that has condemned us to a life of poverty, begging, crime and violence.

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It’s public’s time to move the Mthwakazi cause

Resisting bad laws is public responsibility, and it is the highest form of patriotism. You know it’s the public’s time to serve itself when the system and supporting institutions are habitually acting from a place of deep ignorance; when the gap between public minimum expectations and institutional performance widens, typically with delivery dropping way below all expectations; when your leaders no longer see the need to be discrete with their arrogance; when your representatives have the cheek to mock your suffering and poverty.

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Non-partisan democracy option for Mthwakazi

Corruption scandals and lack of political accountability since 1980 when Zimbabwe gained independence put to rest what has become a truism – the notion that political parties are an effective instrument and vehicle of participation in a democracy. Such a notion does not reflect Matabeleland’s reality, in Zimbabwe party politics has become the enemy of development, a purveyor of bad governance and a hindrance to progress. We believe political parties only serve ideology and do not serve the people.

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Can Covid-19 vaccinated people still spread the coronavirus?

The spread of severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2), the causative agent of Covid-19, has resulted in an unprecedented global public health and economic crisis. While the development of vaccines has gone a long way to reduce the severity of the disease, reducing hospital admissions, use of critical care beds and death as a direct result of the Covid-19 pandemic, there are major questions still to be answered, one being: Can Covid-19 vaccinated people still spread the coronavirus?

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Facing Covid-19 vaccine misinformation head on

Gigantic steps made by scientists and the pharmaceutical industry to invent a vaccine to manage the Covid-19 pandemic are threatened by public fear and anxiety, reported adverse drug reaction (ADR) and more worryingly by deliberate misinformation from those against the vaccination programme. Social media has become the hub of lies about the pandemic and vaccines’ risks from opponents.

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