King Mzilikazi, the first King of Mthwakazi

King Mzilikazi (ca. 1790 – 9 September 1868)

MTHWAKAZI INDEPENDENT is a private, progressive socio-political blog that strives to inform the Mthwakazi electorate through the regular publication of high quality articles on both historical and current issues of political relevance in the region and beyond.

The website is an anchor of freedom of expression, it boasts of well-researched articles on Matabeleland or Mthwakazi historical, social, economic and political issues.

It seeks to raise pertinent socio-political issues in Mthwakazi, highlight injustice and exploitation of Mthwakazi and its people within the modern state of Zimbabwe. 

The website dissects the negative impact of tribal identity politics of Zimbabwe to Mthwakazi. In its characteristic progressive approach, the website advances alternative political systems that will better meet Mthwakazi’s needs.

Specifically, the website focuses on the protection of human rights of ethnic minorities; it is unapologetic in its assessment of the socioeconomic and political circumstances in Mthwakazi.

MTHWAKAZI INDEPENDENT is a by-product of the author’s research, experience of living in Matabeleland under the Zimbabwean tyrannical regime and thus, informed personal opinion of the historical and current social and political space of Mthwakazi. The blog also analyses the impact of the Zimbabwean political system and institutions in Mthwakazi.

King Lobengula

King Lobengula (1845 – 1894), Mzilikazi’s son, second and last Mthwakazi king (1870 – 1894)

Although the central theme is Matabeleland social, economic and political freedom and liberty as well as informing the region’s electorate, the website does not pretend to be an authority in Matabeleland politics. Readers are encouraged to visit other sources of information available.

The website considers impartiality to be essential in empowering the public. To maintain its integrity the website adopts an objective approach in its presentation of issues; it is not a mouthpiece of any political organisation in Matabeleland; by extension, this website does not align itself with any formal political organisation but critiques socioeconomic and political policies and systems in the context of Mthwakazi within a global community.

Readers are invited to join and help improve and expand the reach of the website; subscribe for free and be a part of the MTHWAKAZI INDEPENDENT‘s rapidly expanding community. Readers are encouraged to contribute to the enrichment of information and debates in this blog via the comments section of articles or by e-mailing the publisher.

While it is understandable that some issues raised in MTHWAKAZI INDEPENDENT will evoke emotions, it is an expectation that all comments to the posts would remain objective, honest and civil. 

Contributors have a responsibility to uphold high levels of moral behaviour. Any use of discriminatory and/ or abusive or threatening language, falsification of information, deliberate misinformation, deception, misuse or illegal use of data and making unsubstantiated allegations against individuals and organisations will not be tolerated. In cases of serious legal breaches, offending contributions will be removed and where appropriate, offenders legally dealt with.

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