The Matabeleland nation is facing existential threats we haven’t seen in years. Mthwakazi Independent is a blog about Matabeleland and all things that matter. We are a nonpartisan blog dedicated to fighting efforts – within and outside Matabeleland – to undermine our people’s right to free, fair, and fully informed self-government. We produce high quality articles to inform the public on subjects of relevance to the region, past and present, as we walk into the future (click link for some basic information about Matabeleland).

We seek to understand why the independent Zimbabwe continues to fail Matabeleland and its people; we critique the systemic discrimination that maligns Matabeleland and increase self-doubt.

It is our assertion that Zimbabwean systems and institutions are a deliberate product of tribalism, and bear negative impact on Matabeleland and its people. However, we are not about nursing victimhood mentality. In its characteristic progressive fashion, the blog advances alternative political systems, institutions and policies that we believe will provide oversight and better address Matabeleland’s needs.

Readers’ participation

Readers’ direct participation is integral to our improvement, development and growth. We are not the conclusion to the Mthwakazi debate but the beginning, thus the platform is open for our valuable readers to contribute towards the enrichment of knowledge; we encourage participation in debates via the comments section of articles (where applicable) or click link to join us on Facebook.

No holds barred to improve political debate; some conversations will be controversial and even offensive, but conversation must not be restricted merely to avoid offending others. Having said that, for the credibility of the website and debate, we urge all contributors to maintain objectivity and use credible sources/ references.

Maintaining website integrity

This is not a propaganda tool, but an informative platform for our nation. We urge all contributors to behave responsibly. Unethical conduct will not be tolerated. Contributors are reminded to uphold high standards of behaviour all the time while engaging on this site. As a website, we reserve the right to remove and/ or report contributors who engage in discriminatory or abusive or threatening language, falsification of information, misinformation, disinformation, deception, infringement of copyright rules and breach of data protection laws and making unsubstantiated claims against individuals and/ or organisations. It is also important that contributors refrain from discussing cases pending before the courts of law.

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