Guarding one’s nation whatever the cost may be is a duty; we are not just a blog, we are a blog about Matabeleland and all things that matter. Our nation is facing existential threats we haven’t seen in years and it’s survival depends on our ability to breakdown all barriers to our civil rights, freedoms and liberties. We’re the information vehicle moving the past and the present to the region as we walk into the future.

It’s essential that people understand why and how the independent state of Zimbabwe is a problem for Matabeleland. We expose systemic flaws that malign Matabeleland and increase self-doubt. Zimbabwean systems and institutions are a product of tribalism that withholds favour from Matabeleland and its people. However, we are not about nursing victimhood mentality, we advance alternative approaches that address Matabeleland’s needs.

Readers’ participation

Direct public participation, including youth involvement, is essential to our improvement and growth. Subscribers and visitors are encouraged to contribute towards building a robust knowledge base; join in debates via the comments section of our articles (where applicable) or click link for Facebook engagement.

Wherever there are diverse views controversy and offense are inevitable, but conversation must not be restricted merely to avoid offending others. However, for the integrity of the website, we urge all contributors to maintain objectivity, seek and use credible sources to support arguments.

Maintaining website integrity

We are not a propaganda tool, but an informative platform for our nation. It’s an expectation that contributors will conduct themselves responsibly and uphold high moral standards all the time while engaging on this site. As a website, we reserve the right to remove and/ or report contributors who engage in discriminatory or abusive or threatening behaviours, make defamatory statements, falsify information, infringe copyright rules and breach data protection laws. Finally, contributors must refrain from discussing cases pending before the courts of law.

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