A Diverse Community of Human Beings With A Vintage Culture & History.

Mzilikazi KaMashobane settled in what is now known as Matabeleland in 1840 where he reunited with his splinter group led by Gundwane Ndiweni.

Defender of a free and fair society where everyone has the opportunity to be the best they can be.

As we seek achievement for ourselves, we shall not forget about progress and prosperity for the community. We’ll broaden our ambitions to include the aspirations and needs of others, for their sakes and for our own.


Fighting For Education Rights

Image courtesy of ZimLive (2019) nursing trainees at Mpilo Hospital demonstrate against an unfair recruitment process that threatens to ostracise Matabeleland scholars

“Whatever the cost of our libraries, the price is cheap compared to that of an ignorant nation.” ― Walter Cronkite

Image courtesy of ZimLive (2020) Pupils in Bulawayo’s Njube High School in the high density suburb of the same name demonstrate against inadequate provision and poor infrastructure.

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Matobo Hills or Matopos lies 35 km south of the city of Bulawayo is an ancient, rocky landscape with a unique natural and social heritage. The area has one of the highest concentrations of prehistoric rock paintings in Southern Africa.



The Fabulous Victoria Falls

A Wonder of The World

The tourism and hospitality industry forms an integral part of Matabeleland’s economy, and there is an even greater potential for growth. The Victoria Falls and Matopos Hills are two of the many well known tourist attractions in the region that include the Hwange National Park to the North and the Khami Ruins just outside Bulawayo. Many locals are reliant on the industry for income as either directly or indirectly employed.

A 20th Century Icon

Joshua Nkomo

(19 June 1917 – 1 July 1999)

Without a mention of Joshua Nkomo, Matabeleland’s modern history is incomplete. A revolutionary and political stalwart who played a major role in the liberation struggle of Zimbabwe, and the post-independence politics. During his political career, he made many sacrifices, some with devastating effects on Matabeles.

Photo taken in Bulawayo on December 22, 2013 shows the bronze statue in commemoration for Joshua Nkomo, the late leader and founder of the Zimbabwe African People’s Union, and Zimbabwe’s Vice President. Photo credit: STRINGER/AFP via Getty Images

Gukurahundi is genocide driven by tribalism; Matabeles were killed by an ethnic Shona dominated government. When genocide is committed, it must be seen and never minimised. We shall detail the past through our own lenses.


Active Public Participation

Real improvement in content and growth in participation in political activity, organised and not, will be a sign of our revival.

Inspired Political Understanding

For democracy to work the electorate must be armed with knowledge. Investment in political education is a must.

Rejuvenation of the Political Space

Our political system must be a true reflection of our cultural and social values, and promote their local expansion and influence.

Protection of individual liberties

Individual liberty is the paragon of Human Rights. It is in the interest of any state to prioritise the protection of liberties.

We publish high quality essays that examine our past, interrogate the present and try and predict the future.

Favourite Quotes

Benjamin Franklin

“Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.”

Nadia Murad

“When genocide is committed, it must be seen. People must look at it with open eyes, not minimise its impact.”


William Halsey

“There are no extraordinary men…just extraordinary circumstances that ordinary men are forced to deal with.”

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