Matabeleland needs a proportionally representative electoral system

We have raised concerns about the unfairness of Zimbabwean political systems to Mthwakazi and questioned the conduct of election processes in Zimbabwe but there has yet to be an in-depth and sustained debate on the electoral system itself. Continue reading


Communicate and inform Mthwakazi public

Our enemies will always see us as ignorant, thanks to ZANU PF indoctrination. But, to avoid being perceived as arrogant by our own, we need to start communicating and informing people of our political ideas more effectively. Continue reading

What Matabeleland freedom should mean

We recognise that when it comes to Matabeleland, the Zimbabwean state operates in a parallel universe; a universe whose political processes and supporting institutions operate as though Matabeleland did not exist. Harare bypasses Bulawayo as it nonchalantly operates a political system of containment and management of Matabeleland, and not inclusion. Continue reading