Zimbabwe protests – policing needs to place peace before the law

Shameful as it is, the manner in which the Zimbabwean state has been dealing with civilian protests recently is neither a surprise nor expected to be the last. This government has always adopted a ‘by any means necessary’ approach when it comes to securing its power. These attempts at achieving peace through force rather than through dialogue, fair and peaceful means have never been genuinely put to the test.

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Behave serious to be taken serious

Tribalism that has enabled the political containment of Matabeleland remains the central feature in Zimbabwean political life. I know this now sounds like a broken record but it is worthwhile reminding the ZANU PF elite and those party fanatics suffering selective amnesia that the Zimbabwean socio-political space has yet to be safe for diversity in general; it remains unsafe for Matabeleland in particular and, on the evidence of the last 36 years, it never will. Continue reading

But where are the Mthwakazi women?

Looking ahead, we need to be clear on the Mthwakazi we aspire to; people need to comprehend what taking control of our social, economic and political space would mean to the region and their lives. To achieve that we need to have a minimum level of credibility to challenge the status quo and call for genuine socioeconomic and political inclusivity. Continue reading