Character will move Matabeleland

Character has got us to the position where we are confidently challenging the fabrication of Zimbabwe’s political reality and into questioning Matabeleland’s position within the modern-day Zimbabwe state; commitment has moved us into action and without an ounce of doubt, discipline will allow us to follow through our dreams of a diverse, just, strong and resourceful Matabeleland. Continue reading


Set priorities right and strengthen the Mthwakazi project

There is neither a compelling reason nor benefit for Mthwakazi to let its body politic be infected or dominated by emotions, low self-esteem, fear of other nations and insecurity. If Mthwakazi organisations prioritise Mthwakazi, every other decision will be easy; we need to do the right things for the right politics to take root in Matabeleland. Continue reading

The Gukurahundi deception cannot go unchallenged

Anyone still entertaining the idea of a link between Gukurahundi and the presence of dissidents in Matabeleland and at the same time buying into the explanation that the atrocities were a ‘moment of madness’ will have to express that conviction at the nearest available psychiatric institution.

Exhumed bodies of Gukurahundi victims

Continue reading

It’s reform or burst for Zimbabwe

We are tired of the Zimbabwean journey of segregation; whether built on racial or tribal bricks, barriers to access to opportunity remain barriers. Abuse is abuse whether committed by Harare or Salisbury. Tribalism is not better than racism; being segregated by a black Zimbabwean government on the basis of one’s ethnicity is no lesser evil or less embarrassing and no less disempowering as being segregated by the Rhodesian government based on one’s skin colour. Continue reading