Matabeleland future lies in political control

Zimbabwean politics remains firmly in the hands of elderly men and women whose views of ordinary citizens are a mere adaptation of colonial perception of the general black population; their views of Matabeles are a far cry from the expectations of most Matabeles. Continue reading


Ignorance linked to Gukurahundi non-action

We should not claim surprise that in a Zimbabwe born out of ethnic discrimination, ethnic discrimination remains at the centre of the country’s political systems. Our future is greater than our past; our wisdom will not be drawn from a mere recollection of our past but by the responsibility we shoulder for our future and that means confronting Gukurahundi perpetrators head on. Continue reading

Zimbabwe’s independence just a fudge!

At independence the challenge for the black majority government was not whether it could govern the country but rather how well it could govern the country. We wanted to be an independent state, a state that could increase access to opportunities for its citizens, a state that could run its own affairs; this remains our dream. Continue reading

Matabeleland not a cradle for ethnic discrimination

To most in Matabeleland the experience of Zimbabwean independence has been anything but independence; we have first-hand experience of the segregation of people along ethnic grounds; discriminating against languages people speak and/ or their genetic makeup has become a significant part of ZANU PF facilitated Mashonaland freedom. It is a disgrace that 36 years into what was celebrated as independence a deep distrust remains between Matabeleland and Mashonaland. Continue reading