Of what benefit is voting? Matabeleland ponders

Voting is not by itself a mark of democracy, it is the counting process that sets apart real democracy and going through the motion. Zimbabwe has not shown an interest in extending democracy to the vote counting process; its democracy only places emphasis on the moment the voter enters the voting booth and nothing else about the electoral process.Elections Continue reading


The African independence illusion

I seek not to embed victimhood into Matabeleland’s political model but merely state the obvious; Matabeleland has been on the victim side of Zimbabwean independence. Today’s biggest failure for the independent Africa has been the lack of political will, if not incentive, to revamp previously racialised socioeconomic and political systems and structures. If anything, systemic racism has been substituted with tribalism, cronyism and even more brutal reverse racism. Continue reading

Rebuilding Matabeleland

The bravery and spirit of Ubuntu that oversaw Mzilikazi’s escape from Shaka Zulu’s brutal reign and not only create a nation from scratch but model a new brand of politics; the same spirit that inspired Lobengula to wage a war against the white invaders of the 19th Century cannot die. It must and will inspire this generation to rebuild and rebrand the Mthwakazi socio-politics. Continue reading