Matabeleland politics: different views but equal motivation

When we are surrounded by people who share a passionate commitment around a common purpose, anything is possible. Without a doubt, dreamers, hard workers, believers and achievers will be essential in the fight for Matabeleland empowerment and rights. This is the moment for us all to actively choose to be in control of our responses. Continue reading


Different Matabeleland political organisations, one objective

Politics is in charge of the journey to Matabeleland freedom and liberty but our mental attitude influences the journey. Let us confront the reality that we continue to suffer from problems yet we are in the middle of many solutions. First, we need to roll away and off our people the inferiority complex; the attitude of resignation and surrender in the face of defeat. Under the canopy of the right mental attitude, nothing can stop us from achieving our goals but nothing can help us if we continue to hold onto the wrong mental attitude. Continue reading

Political inaction bad politics for Matabeleland

Mthwakazi has to wake up to the fact that political inaction is still politics; bad politics for that matter! It is the bad politics that has left the Matabeleland nation politically invisible; we learn precious little to nothing from inaction. We cannot confidently claim silence is working because it has not created anything for the region.

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Matabeleland: a tale of freedom and liberty absence

I am sure it is now evident to all who follow this blog that I am indignant of modern-day Zimbabwe state’s systematic bias against Matabeleland. I hold strong convictions that the people of Matabeleland are discriminated against in the modern-day Zimbabwe state. Not only that, I retain strong convictions too that this discrimination is no accident but a result of comprehensive planning by the ZANU PF government. Continue reading