Delaying is Matabeleland’s deadliest weakness

Our future begins at the point where our past stops being the lead in our lives. It maybe necessary to look back at our past if only to learn how to avoid it but never to live there. Oftentimes the best way of ruining a great decision is delaying it; a propensity to procrastination and delay has hurt Matabeleland’s future badly. Continue reading


Free choice is all Matabeleland asks of Zimbabwe

When the generation before us saw the need for socio-political parity and thus, physically responded to the colonial remnant racist regime of Mr. Ian Smith, the primary objective was to establish not just a black led government but a peaceful, truly democratic, fairer and non-discriminatory society. Continue reading

Death of Rhodesia; rise of toxic tribalism

The death of Rhodesia did not only fail to kill racism it gave birth to formal institutionalised tribalism. It oversaw the delusion of Ndebele dissidents, sanctified the killing of innocent Matabeles by a special brigade created just to do that; the path of ethnic Shona supremacy was paved under the guise of safeguarding territorial independence. Continue reading