Power balance redistribution key to Matabeleland’s political destiny

Poor political power distribution is the reason behind all of Zimbabwe’s political arrogance that sees Mthwakazi being reduced to a subordinate and not an equal political partner of Harare. What we draw from the 35 years of modern-day Zimbabwe is that concentration of political power in any one individual or particular population group is politically disastrous. Continue reading


Ideological credibility key for Matabeleland nationalism

The fundamental aspect of any political ideology is its credibility not how exciting it sounds. Matabeles are responsible for the conditions of their socio-political space; we are the only major blockade to the manifestation of our political dreams and we are the only solution. Continue reading

Moving Mthwakazi politics forward

Three decades plus of ZANU PF and Zimbabwean independence has been three decades plus of variable independence across Mashonaland and three decades plus of constructive alienation of Matabeleland from realpolitik. It is three plus decades of being remote from sources and processes that affect decisions that impact our lives. Continue reading