Zimbabwean politics still to address Matabeleland questions

A government without representation is nothing but tyranny; I maintain that Zimbabwean government is nothing of a representation of Mthwakazi but a damaging  decontextualisation of lives of Matabeleland people. Indeed, the reality we need to wake up to is that the Zimbabwean flag is a living memory not of Matabeleland’s independence but a surrender thereof to Harare. Continue reading


Matabeleland better grab liberty

Zimbabwean independence has not lived up to the best intentions of the ’60s and ’70s liberation struggle. The ‘independence’ has struggled to keep to the promise of liberty and equality for all; Matabeleland has suffered the brunt of ZANU PF’s tyranny. Harare continues to actively ignore the rights of non-ethnic Shona nationals; everything Mthwakazi has been consigned to the periphery of Zimbabwe’s socio-political space. Continue reading

Zimbabwean independence, Matabeleland disempowerment

Together, Mashonaland and Matabeleland (Zimbabwe) fought colonialism and the white racist government of Ian Smith to gain liberty; our requirement of liberty was the need to reform our social system that was full of inequality among other injustices. 35 years on, our society is still saturated by discrimination and the exploitation of a minority by the majority. Continue reading

A Matabeleland political guide of how not to be Zimbabwe

We are witnesses of the 35 years of Zimbabwe’s tyranny, brutality and abuse of territorial and political independence. Matabeleland is further from independence today than it was before 1980. To be free is not merely a reference to being rid of chains but having the freedom to be ourselves and freely enhancing the freedoms of others. Continue reading