Africa paying a blind eye to xenophobia

If there is anything that Africa should learn from the latest xenophobic attacks in South Africa, it is that the continent has yet to command its independence and seriously address tribal prejudice and stereotypes. Governments continue to show little or no interest in respecting people and dealing with simmering internal social injustices. African independence has perpetually shown no empathy towards any black communities carrying a different social identification from those wielding authority. Historically, we have struggled with accommodating internal diversity.   Continue reading


Can Matabeleland learn anything from the latest South African xenophobic behaviour?

If there is anything to be learned by Matabeleland from the latest xenophobic attacks in South Africa, it is that Africa as a whole has failed to deal with tribal prejudice. Let us recall the 1983 Nigerian expulsions of West Africans, most of whom were Ghanaians. This is a stark reminder to all Africans of our responsibilities as human beings and how not to behave when in position of privilege. How do we safely retain our national pride without compromising the dignity of other nations?Xeno Continue reading

Promote Matabeleland diversity; promote internal peace

The reports accompanied by a disturbing video and images of renewed xenophobic attacks in parts of Durban in South Africa, the disappearance of over 200 girls and ongoing terror attacks in Nigeria and the many current civil wars within the independent African territory are a disturbing reminder of the continent’s continued failure to create a socio-political environment that is safe for diversity. Continue reading

Matabeleland politics and the value of a good debate

The thought-policing Zimbabwean state has turned the Matabeleland political space into a predictable, paranoid and mundane territory. Zimbabwe has quite effectively instilled (at times by ruthless means) mental numbness, passivity and general compliance among the Matabele population by continually limiting the spectrum of acceptable political opinion. Continue reading