Matabeleland nationalists have to build trust

Trust is the base principle that will uphold and enhance the nationalist movement within Matabeleland; it is the glue that will link politicians and the electorate – it is the most essential ingredient in effective communication. Instead of rightly or wrongly making assumptions of people’s urgent need of an independent state, it is the building of trust that the Matabeleland nationalist movement needs to make a priority now. Continue reading


Silence does Matabeleland no favours

MI Administrator

It is no secret that if we fail to stand up and publicize the plight of Matabeleland now, the only publicity we may have to give in the future will be an obituary. The journey towards retaining our dignity will have to begin with us consciously adopting a position of respectful uncertainty in all of our political interactions with Harare. Questioning Zimbabwean systems should be our policy signature. Continue reading

Zimbabwean politics long lost its credibility in Matabeleland

We can now confirm with a high degree of confidence that Zimbabwean politics has effectively accomplished independence for the political elite while overseeing the widest and still widening gap between politicians and the people. Politicians and their cronies have limitless access to whatever they wish for while ordinary people’s access to anything has constricted and continued to be restricted year after year. Continue reading