Let’s keep the Mthwakazi identity

Identity remains a critical issue in human social existence; without a sense of identity, the sense of living is lost. The unitary Zimbabwe state does not appreciate difference; it continues to actively pursue an enforced melting pot ideal while suppressing all consideration of the ‘salad bowl’ multicultural concept. No human being should feel pressured to express themselves in a culture other than their own; communities should be able to maintain their identity. Continue reading


Setting goals key for Matabeleland nationalism

Without goals we are at risk of fumbling about, fighting endless internal battles and not being able to objectively measure progress or failure on the ground. Matabeleland needs to set herself very clear goals for only goals will give the revolution a clearer direction. Continue reading

Good politics, not political parties, will save Matabeleland

It is time Matabeleland nationals rid themselves of the view that isolated actions by politicians and their political parties (instruments of mental manipulation) are going to solve all of the region’s political crises. The Matabeleland vision has become a living nightmare as every big dream gets sucked out by a bad team. Continue reading

How can Matabeleland nationalists measure political progress?

If Matabeleland nationalism and nationalist politics is to make progress, the politics has to deviate from the current norm lacking in accountability and actively embrace objective scrutiny and accountability. Nationalist groups need now to be able to objectively justify their existence, be able to objectively measure successes and failures. Continue reading