The case for a Matabeleland violent resistance not made yet

There is no dispute across Matabeleland of an immediate need for a social, economic and political reform that will grant the region greater autonomy. The greater argument lies in what the right strategy is. I personally have serious reservations on the greater case for calls for violent resistance at this point. Campaigners for violent resistance have yet to convince people that theirs is not a ‘strategy’ born of impatience. Continue reading


Matabeleland requires a sane political debate

A different socio-political formulation is required if the Matabeleland political space is to embrace innovation. First, intolerance has to go! An intolerant socio-political environment cannot be a foundation for a political democracy. Matabeleland needs to reconfigure its political space such that it effectively denies space to intolerance. Continue reading

Action (and not words alone) required for Matabeleland survival

Zimbabwean politics is set out to disable Matabeleland; it compromises every socioeconomic and political indicator in the region. However, disabling as the Zimbabwean politics maybe, the way Matabeleland is dealing with it is even more damaging. Matabeleland needs to act! Continue reading