The motivation for Matabeleland to develop herself

Developing ourselves should be the only source of motivation of our socio-political autonomy and not the hatred towards any other nation, including Harare. Our laws, policies and institutions should be inspired by our traditions and needs and not be the mere reaction to the Zimbabwean regime. Continue reading


Matabeleland should believe in herself

Now Matabeleland has to challenge herself: why is it that the oppressor has just the same number of hours as us to execute her plan yet she has made massive progress, we have not? Besides internal squabbling what exactly is the plan of action in Matabeleland? Continue reading

Of a collective traditional leadership or Matabeleland monarchy revival

Zimbabwean independence has been characterised by two significant factors: (i) the unity of Mashonaland in its support of Harare’s systemic oppression of Matabeleland, and (ii) Matabeleland’s disquiet and disunity in her fight of Harare’s oppressive regime. Suffice to say the outcome has been a devastating loss of socio-political authority in Matabeleland. Continue reading

Change of attitude essential for Matabeleland nationalism

While the biggest threat to Matabeleland nationalists is internal conflict and public apathy, the biggest responsibility for nationalists is a deliberate, persistent and pointed engagement with the public. That the Matabeleland public appears apathetic to programmes driven by nationalist organisations is no evidence of lack of interest, it is a challenge to internal processes of the nationalist movement.   Continue reading

Harmless thunderbolts and Matabeleland activism

Matabeleland activists have given detailed and moving accounts of the origins of the region’s current problems; the task now is to change the region’s political narrative. ZANU PF has pursued policies that have maximised resentment and its unpopularity in Matabeleland; the response to the unjust State treatment is the experience that should define the politics of the region. It is this experience that should come handy in the evolution of the region’s consciousness. Continue reading