Matabeleland enforced idleness

Colonialism has faded away into the dustbin of history; Zimbabwe has entered into a permanent state of unemployment and poverty from which there remains no chance of emerging. When it comes to unemployment in Matabeleland, Zimbabwean authorities are tone deaf. Matabeleland has watched in horror while industrial activity crumbled and unemployment spiked across the region. Continue reading


Zimbabwe: a case for a collective head of state

We look back into our history to make sense of how we have got into this big mess that is Zimbabwe; we look at the present to face the reality; the reality of our [in]decisions; we are the generation making the history for the next generation. Instead of feeling sorry, we need to start reviewing systems and building a government by consensus. Continue reading

On why federalism matters for Matabeleland

Building a country that embodies popular sovereignty within a multiethnic and a multilingual socio-political space is not beyond human political invention. As has been proven by countries like Switzerland, the USA, Canada, Australia, South Africa and others, diversity of cultures and belief systems is not the cause of widening political schism in a country.  Continue reading