Black is beautiful!

25 Mar 2014 § Leave a comment

The abolition of slavery saved to create conditions that deny white racists the perceived right to be openly racist towards black people; it stopped the self-indulgent right of white people’s trade in black human beings. What, however, the abolition of slavery has not done to date is to create conditions in which black people value not only their skin colour but all of its tones; abolition has failed to wipe out the perception of the inferiority of the darker tone.

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Gender equality is not optional but a right

19 Mar 2014 § Leave a comment

It is an irony that a continent worst affected by and well aware of the impact of oppression of humans by other humans continues to drag its feet when it comes to the freedoms of a huge section of its population. In virtually all of Africa, except for Rwanda, we still witness men’s active and robust resistance to women’s emancipation. It is incomprehensible that chromosome arrangement alone would determine human worth in the 21st century; it is morally wrong that in any society today sex would be a factor in determining the right to top political positions.

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MDC-T’s new recruits are a convenient diversion

17 Mar 2014 § Leave a comment

It is not the biggest but the right crowd that Zimbabweans should be seeking to associate with. The MDC-T is the biggest opposition party but in its current form and the reputation it has built over the last fifteen years, it is just not the right crowd. It is quite surprising that Job Sikhala of MDC-99, Edward Mkhosi and Siyabonga Malandu Ncube both former – and NOT – MDC-N members have heeded calls by the MDC-T leader, Morgan Tsvangirai, to unite against ZANU PF when in principle and practice the MDC-T is no different. Is the MDC-T going to transform itself to start to represent the conscience of the Zimbabwean people? Or it is all going to end up in smoke yet again?

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Zimbabwean media is too partisan to protect democracy

15 Mar 2014 § Leave a comment

Never before in Zimbabwe’s desperate pursuance of political change has more misinformation been wrapped up and dished out as political analyses to an unsuspecting electorate. The importance of good media research and reporting cannot be over-emphasised; we are increasingly reliant on the media for its research, analyses and measured reporting to help us form opinions on the available options. What people are witnessing however, are partisan media houses and editors clandestinely turning journalists into unofficial party political salesmen and women.

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