Africa’s failing politics

26 Feb 2014 § Leave a comment

African states have secured ‘independence’ but have yet to achieve internal stability due to the failure to organise internal peace. No one can conceivably deny that post-colonial Africa’s internal systems have largely failed to address serious matters of socio-political inequality and the instability that it brings. Diffusion of power has yet to be genuinely placed on the agenda across the continent; the continental international bodies are essentially social clubs that massage the egos of the leadership. Protecting civil liberties is never a serious agenda.

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An incompetent dictatorship doesn’t make a democracy

22 Feb 2014 § Leave a comment

A lie travels halfway the world before the truth has even finished inputting its navigation coordinates. A lie has been told over and over that the MDC-T is a democratic organisation and ZANU PF is the opposite. The truth remains that the two parties are not exactly opposites; they stand on the same side of the turf, utilise identical tactics, use the same ball and aim for exactly the same goal and that goal is to keep power off the public grasp.

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Getting it Right for Matabeleland

8 Feb 2014 § Leave a comment

Strategic compatibility is essential for the empowerment of Matabeleland; the region needs to get the basics and timings right. Suggestions by some Matabeleland political activists that only an armed revolution will grant Matabeleland independence must be viewed with respectful scepticism. What we are witnessing in the DRC, Syria, Afghanistan, Central African Republic, South Sudan and all the other regions that have opted to engage in armed violence brings to question the benefits of armed conflict for whatever political objective. Caution is advised, the historical fact remains that nonviolent means have been far more successful than the violent means.

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MDC-T leadership renewal

1 Feb 2014 § Leave a comment

In principle and indeed in practice, I tend to agree with Elton Mangoma’s call for leadership change and in particular his call for Tsvangirai to stand down as the leader of the MDC-T. If the MDC-T is serious about wanting to change Zimbabwe’s politics, it has to look at changing itself first. Undemocratic internal party laws must not be used to unfairly protect the structures of authority, hierarchy and dominion within the MDC-T; no party position should be beyond challenge; no position holder should be unduly protected from challenge.

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