Matabeleland needs more work and less complaining

There is somewhat an element of infantile politicking in the presumption that persistent complaining can help a society deal with a tyrant. Matabeleland cannot rely on complaining as a strategy; bawling is the way infants express their disaffection, anger, dissatisfaction etc while the solution is dependent on the pity of a responsible adult. We are not infants; we should not be appealing for the pity of anyone, including Harare. Matabeleland society has it within itself to find solutions to the problems afflicting the region.

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African governments must stop their complicity in ethnic conflicts

African leadership continues to pursue a delusional values based political project that deliberately and selectively exploits perceived differences between human beings simply on the basis of ethnicity. Africa must stop educating its young people to be proud of tribal labels more than they pride themselves in being humans. Ideas, and not ethnicity, should be the centre around which African interpretations of individual worth evolve.

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2014 – Will peace continue to elude Africa?

Africa has become a continent accustomed with disasters so much that one has to screen what they mourn or risk grieving forever. As much as I would love to talk up Africa’s chances of a peaceful, prosperous and an all round better 2014, conditions in Egypt, South Sudan, DRC, CAR and many other states suggest a customary difficult year ahead for Africa.

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