Mthwakazi’s disturbing political disconnection

Matabeleland Political analysts remain understandably baffled by the recent ZANU PF ‘victory’ in Matabeleland in the last general election. However, it remains equally difficult to objectively understand why anyone would have been expecting the opposition to win the Matabeleland vote instead of ZANU PF. There is no objective reason why the opposition, including nationalists, was worthy of a victory in Matabeleland. The biggest socio-political worry in Matabeleland right now remains the political disconnect between politicians and the people. Communication is crucial in bridging the gap between people’s lived realities and the political rhetoric.

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It’s Syria’s internal politics and not chemical weapons that need sorting!

The British Prime Minister David Cameron thinks that the Syrian situation is a holocaust in waiting and unfortunate as it is, he maybe right. Already over 100,000 people have died in the conflict yet the super powers’ priorities remain limited to their ideological interests; the US protecting Israel and Russia securing the longevity of Assad’s regime. Obama’s ‘Red line’ simply safeguards a long-held principle against the use of chemical weapons and does little for the protection of Syrian civilians; the indiscriminate use of conventional weapons falls outside the red line.

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